Two Moons of Rehnor

Take a trip to Rehnor with Senya for a epic scifi/fantasy adventure of galactic proportions.


The Boy who Lit up the Sky

Book 1

After a thousand years of war, the Mishnese and Karupta have made peace by wedding the Mishnese Princess Royal to the Karupta Crown Prince. Their son whose birth was foretold ten centuries ago is destined to rule the entire planet and end the wars forever. But the Princess and the baby have died during childbirth or so it was said. In the meantime, a strange half-breed infant boy is left at an orphanage with a purse full of gold coins. The Boy who Lit up the Sky follows the early years of Senya from the streets of Old Mishnah, to the Palace of Mishnah and from there to Karuptani where he is taught to live off the land and fight for that which is his. Along the way, he finds the Human girl who unbeknownst to her, shares his important destiny. 
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My Enemy's Son

Book 2

Senya has been exiled back to the Mother Planet of Rozari. While there, he begins to understand what his real tasks are, why he has been sent here,and what he must do in the coming years. In the meantime, Lt. Cmdr Katie Golden of the Allied Spaceforce suffers a dangerous brain injury while saving her ship from destruction. She is sent to Rozari for the cure, only to wake up and discover that Senya was not a childhood hallucination after all. Now she must make a decision between the career she has chosen and a normal life or the incredible journey that Senya is bound to take her onincredible journey that Senya is bound to take her on

Of Blood & Angels

Book 3

In Book 3 of the series The Two Moons of Rehnor, Senya and Katie have settled into a somewhat normal life. It does not last long though as Senya is plagued by a strange and debilitating blood condition brought on by the task he has been sent to Rozari to complete. In a moment of weakness, he is captured by his nemesis and uncle, Prince Akan. Commander Katie and the crew of the Starship Discovery fight to save him, eliminating Akan as a threat, and leaving Senya’s path to the throne clear. Now Katie must learn to live within the restricted rules of the Rehnorian Court or escape back to the stars for her last chance of freedom. There is other evil in the galaxy though and for their own safety, neither Senya nor Katie may have a choice.

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Firestone Rings

Book 4

In Book 4 of the series The Two Moons of Rehnor, Senya returns to Rehnor to take over the throne. In the meantime, Katie is completing her final mission in space. When her contract ends, she must join Senya and fulfill the role that he has intended for her to do. A family emergency on Earth requires Katie to return home and despite Senya's warnings, she leaves Rehnor to return to the Alliance, one last time.

The Days of the Golden Moons

Book 5

Book 5 of The Two Moons of Rehnor series opens with Senya intent upon conquering the Mother Planet Rozari and forcing them into the Empire whether they want to be or not. His faithful companions, Taner and Berkan wonder if he has truly gone mad and turned into the Evil Emperor after all. In the meantime, Katie makes a final journey to Earth after a ten year detour. Old friends reappear and issues are resolved, including the question that has been asked throughout the series. Or is it?

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Golden's Quest

Book 6

Steven Golden has just been commissioned as an ensign in the Imperial SpaceNavy aboard the Empire's newest ship, the Queen of Rozari. He's assigned to the squad of the nastiest commander in the whole fleet, LCDR Marik Korelesk. Steven's overprotective mom is having a little trouble adjusting to his absence and Steven himself is just not sure where he fits in. Add to that Steven's new friends including Sam, the nephew of the famous pilot Zem, who discovers that unlike his uncle, he's afraid to fly and Randy, who lives in the bowels of the ship in the top secret hacker lab. There's also a princess laying traps to ensnare a prince. Everyone must band together to save a planet in distress while Steven works to keep his true identity hidden from his friends


Book 7

Katie is in the midst of a midlife crisis. She's bored with her husband of thirty years, worried about her still unmarried son, and her best friend is dying of cancer. Caroline's last request sends her friends to Earth to retrieve a package left there twenty-four years ago. The package is nothing like they expect and an adventure that takes them to a distant galaxy ensues. Metamorphosis is about change in the seasons, over the years, in our lives and in our love.

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The Choice

Book 8

Can one man's death change the course of history?

Combining science fiction & fantasy with elements of mysticism, The Two Moons of Rehnor epic saga continues with The Choice. In Book 8, Tuman is faced with a choice: give up his life for a seemingly random group of people or continue to live as a humble farmer knowing he could have freed an entire race from centuries of slavery. As simple as the choice appears, he is reluctant to die. After all, how could one unimportant man have such an impact on so many and why should he have to be the one to sacrifice?

Treasure Hunt

Book 9

In book 9 of the Two Moons of Rehnor series, a spaceplane has crashed on Lyra II, an undeveloped Mesozoic stage planet. All adults aboard are dead, leaving only ten year old Sara to survive alone. Meanwhile, something strange is happening even further out in the galaxy where a young man is kidnapped by a Space Cowboy. On top of that, the Palace of Mishnah is in a state of upheaval as formerly loyal Retainers scheme for control of the throne. The Imperial SpaceNavy must race to the rescue of both Sara and the young man while searching for a missing treasure which holds the key to solving the crisis at the Palace.

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Space Chase

Book 10

A massive dust storm encircling the sector has stranded passengers on Spacebase 41-B. With the lights flickering, the HVAC system over stressed, and the Space Sailor's Bar running out of beer, could it get any worse? Actually, it can, and does when a waylaid Imperial spaceplane arrives carrying none other than the Imperial Family and Someone wants to play a little game. There will be winners and there will be losers. The question is, Is dying a win or a loss?

Imperial Masquerade

Book 11

Two years ago, the Imperial Couple disappeared with neither a trace nor body to be found. While struggling to keep the ship of state afloat, Steve and Rent are forced to deal with the decline of the Empire, the bankruptcy of SdK, an impending nuclear war, and worst of all, a destructive fire in the Palace, which levels the Seven Nags Pub. In the meantime, a strange boy and a black eagle appear in Karupatani reminding the old timers of both a boy and an eagle from years past. Who are they and why have they come?



Book 12

The Palace is a pile of smoldering ruins. SdK has gone bankrupt, and has all but closed its doors. The Empire is imploding, the glory days are over, and the petty politics of old once again rule the day. It appears Evil has won this round, but he’s not satisfied yet. He’s back to claim something stolen from him millenniums ago, something Senya has hidden away in a distant corner of the galaxy.


Book 13

Overnight, it seems, the Rossorians have taken over Rehnor. The Mishnese can either join them or be ostracized, while the Karuptas are told to get out. 
Despite the worst snow storm in the planet’s recorded history, Steve and Rent must return to the decrepit remains of the Palace, summoned by someone who had been loyal up until now.
In the meantime, Katie and Dave have crashed on a tidally locked planet near a dying red dwarf star in the distant Black Eye Galaxy. With no means of escape and no sign of rescue, Katie attempts to kill one of the planet’s armadillo-like creatures in hopes of eating it. Unfortunately, she discovers the creatures would rather eat her.



Book 14

The Imperial Court has moved to Rozari, to the villa by the Pink Sea, while the Imperial Palace undergoes renovations and reconstruction. 
Steve and Rent have been confined to the villa by the Mad Emperor, prisoners under house arrest while living in paradise. 
Rent is fine with this, as he has taken a fancy to Eva, the new Imperial Finance Minister, who resides in the villa's annex. Steve, however, is anxious to escape from both his childhood bedroom and his indifferent wife, Joanne.
In the meantime, Anne Black has arrived on Earth in a stolen Spaceforce shuttle. Preferring solitude and reclusiveness, she spends her days blasting crows with her laser, or assassinating the flowers in the garden of her rented doublewide. 
One afternoon, while shopping in the local Big Box store, Anne collides with a man whose voice sends shivers down her spine. Although he reminds her of someone, he is clearly someone else, someone intent on taking her to places she doesn't want to go, including jail.

Fairy Tales

Book 15

At the tender age of six, Arsan is told that he is not a normal Karupta boy, but One of Them. He leaves his mother, Colinda’s side to begin a trek in search of the answers to his many questions. Arsan must discover who he really is in this life, and who he was in the lives before, for his brother has called upon him to perform a task that is yet to be defined. 

Arsan’s journey takes him to the Dark Continent where he is placed under the tutelage of the wise man, Goom. Unfortunately, Goom’s beautiful granddaughter, Gani also takes a strong interest in the boy. Goom is fearful of the many similarities to Arsan and his budding relationship with Gani, for it reminds him of a boy he tutored long ago, and a love that ended in a young girl’s violent death. 

In the meantime young Marik Korelesk, while living a life of luxury due to the wealth he has amassed, spends every night tossing and turning, unable to sleep. The boy doesn’t know the source of his distress. Could it be his precarious position as drug lord of the city of Farku? Or, could it be the lack of familial love, for there is only the hired help to tuck him into bed at night?


Gone for a Spin

Book 16

The last and final installment in the Two Moons of Rehnor series finds Katie sharing a delicate moment with the mysterious Gabe, just as a spaceplane crashes into the lake, steps from them. To Katie’s surprise Shika, Rent, and Arsan are aboard, but for what purpose? Surely, it’s not a mere coincidence that has brought them all together. 
In the meantime, Sara is stuck waiting at school for someone to pick her up for winter break. It seems she has been abandoned yet again, for Sara's step-mother, Joanne and step-siblings, Carolie and Rory have already departed the planet en route to Earth. They are traveling with Jim and Shelly Mattson, who are likewise escaping the Empire, and Evil Emperor, not that he would notice, or care, in any case.
Senya isn’t paying attention to much of anything these days, for he is spending all of his time in a drunken stupor. It is only when a warning arrives regarding his imminent termination that he sits up, and attempts to mend his ways. It may be too late, though, as an evil and incredibly lethal virus is annihilating the galaxy’s population at breakneck speed.