Son of Rozari Trilogy

A thousand years before on the rogue planet of Rozari, two nations are at war with each other. But, are they really? Or, is it manufactured conflicts for the benefit of the elite nobility and ruling class? As evil spreads, eventually encompassing the whole planet, it becomes apparent that only one man can rout it out and save them all. The question is, is he too late?


The Squire

December 2020

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Kim always wanted to be a fireman, if only because of the hat. When his naval officer father is killed in a minor skirmish with the enemy nation of Karupatani, all of Kim’s plans are sent awry. Instead, he is shipped off to a prestige boy’s school, whereupon a dorm lottery lands him in a bunk next to Prince Dillon of Hahr.

Several years later, as the prince’s faithful squire, Kim is sent on a top secret mission back to the land of his father’s killers. His task is to deliver a package, something that is intended to change the world, but tragically for everyone, and most especially Kim, he accidentally dies in a most unbecoming way.

In the meantime, Queen Suraya of Karupatani is disgusted with her life, her husband and three sons, and most of all her favorite maid. The girl got herself knocked up out of wedlock by a married unnamed duke, who she mistakenly thinks will take care of her forever. During her absence, the maid is replaced by an ugly Hahrian girl, who has arrived with a recommendation from Suraya’s counterpart, the Hahrian Queen.

Odd as it may be, the Hahrian maid holds the key to finally ceasing the endless wars forever.


The Maid's Daughter

December 2020

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Kacia thought her life would be pretty simple. She’d spend her days serving as Lady Lorena’s maid in the Manor House of Shrotru while occasionally following her mistress to the Royal Palace whenever the occasion arose. When the circumstances change, and the girl finds herself tangled in a web orchestrated by the most powerful men on Planet Rozari, her only option is to leave, to join the first Rozarian battalion in the TransGalactic Allied SpaceForce.

In the meantime, Lord Eryk Donika has basically nothing to do in this life. His brother Viscount Byb is set to inherit the family estates while Eryk is too lazy, too uninspired, too stupid, his Earl Father says, to figure out anything else to do. When the opportunity arises, he also sets his sights on outer space, for lack of something better, only to be entangled in Kacia’s web.


For God, Land and Love

December 2020

After spending six months in the SpaceForce brig for the crime of saving an Allied Starship, Kacia finds herself back on Rozari, married off to a man she assumed she hated, while the one man she loved is apparently indifferent.

Well, Mish is indifferent, isn’t he? Ruka is pretty sure that his former squire doesn’t care about any one of them. That would include the two young boys which Ruka is raising as his own. Except there’s this odd thing going on with Mish, which coincidentally happens whenever one of them is near; bloody tears that weep from his eyes.

In the meantime, Eryk is discharged from the SpaceForce and sent back to Rozari, tasked with building giant domes. Prince Dillon ponders what they are for before concluding the worst: Mish is intent on destroying Rozari and killing them all.


Son of Rozari Trilogy Box Set

December 2020

All three novels in one!